Green/Eco Homes

Almost everyone today drinks filtered water, yet little consideration is given to the air quality inside our homes. High performance windows, with a carefully designed and well insulated building envelope, keep uncomfortable outside air seperate from the indoor living air. Green, Passive Homes are the homes of the future.

A true green home, controls the air by having a high performance building envelope, coupled with a filtered air system. When the air is controlled your home will require less energy to heat or cool your home. The HVAC air filters is critical in every eco build, an unintended consequence of high insulation R values and wraps is humid, stale air trapped inside. 

It really is all or nothing. 

Nuovo can help you on your green building journey – high performance, energy efficient future ready homes. 

Eco Farm House in the Adelaide Hills

The eco farm house was designed with passive design features by 4305 Design, a qld based Architect. Correct orientation, and allowance in the roof design for the correct size insulation batts where made allowing us to easily transform the design into a high preformace home. We suggested to the client to add in a heat recovery unit and change some of the window and door set up to make the home as air tight as possible.

Keep an eye out on our progress as we demonstrate a high performance home, the future of building in South Australia. The home is currently under construction and more videos will follow.

Download our information kit to learn more about Eco Homes. 

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